In this blog we talk about the ‘bridal party’ which is a term for the group of loved ones the couple choose to host before their wedding. We have written the blog using the noun ‘bride’ but this is used loosely, as it can describe either member of the couple. 

Weddings at Cornwell Manor, this gem of a venue in the heart of the Cotswolds, take place over a three day weekend. The most intimate of the days is the day before the big day itself. This is the time when the bride spends quality time with their bridal party, the treasured friends and family members they have chosen to surround them before they say, ‘I do’. 

Just how each bridal party spends the precious hours before the wedding is up to them. Each will have their own vision of how the time should pan out and while some may opt for a slow slide into the celebrations – tea in the flower-filled gardens, a spot of yoga by a gently tinkling fountain – others may want something more dynamic: a swim in the pool, a game of tennis, or a hike through the grounds and a stroll around the honey-coloured cottages that make up Cornwell’s enchanting village.


Before the wedding, bridal parties usually have a light and healthy dinner to save room for champagne and cake. A favourite spot to dine is on Cornwell’s impressive stone-flagged terrace which overlooks great swathes of parkland where if you’re lucky you will spot the sheep grazing beside interlinking lakes adorned with a family of swans and the rolling hills of the Oxfordshire countryside fade into the dreamy evening light. 

What better place for you and your A-list of loved ones to soothe mind, body and soul? 


Every bride wants to glow on their wedding day, which is why getting a good night’s sleep is key (some bridal parties have even been known to bus in muscle-relaxing hot tubs in order to guarantee quality shut-eye). There are 12 double bedrooms at Cornwell, all of which are quiet, comfortable and conducive to sleep. The most popular choice for the bridal suite is the Blue Room (see below), a blissfully romantic boudoir with huge windows, soft creamy carpets and a Regency engraved four-poster bed draped in cream silks. 


Many brides like to add a personal touch to their bridal party prep: gifting their loved ones with matching robes for example, or adding each person’s favourite song to their “Getting Ready” playlist. What could be nicer than dancing around as you do your make-up, fuelled by the coffee / Champagne and pastries that have been delivered to your room? This is when some of the most beautiful moments happen: the adrenaline is pumping, everyone is united in a common purpose and the excitement is palpable – just make sure you invite your photographer as the resulting pictures are likely to be some of the best and most precious of the entire weekend.

Let’s not forget: the real beauty of getting married at Cornwell is that every wedding is unique and tailored to your vision. We provide the most beautiful backdrop – you provide the dream. We have a raft of trusted planners and suppliers who can help you bring this to life. 

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